Welcome at Wisdom School Nyabihu

Wisdom school Nyabihu is located in Western province, Nyabihu District, Mukamira sector, Jaba cell in Biriba village. The school is just 200metres from the main road just opposite Mukamira dairy and in the left side of lacoroniche guest house. Wisdom school Nyabihu is a day school that offers a number of programs that extend the academic day to suit the needs of our pupils and parents. Wisdom Nyabihu’s mission encourages every pupil and staff member “to share fully the gifts that have been given to them by God” our mission is defined by giving a community that grows stronger through participation of every member.
In fact the school started in the year 2016 with only 50 pupils from Nursery to primary five having quality and God fearing teachers who worked as a team among themselves, parents and the pupils by then to produce the good quality education as our school mission states, Wisdom school exists to provide a sustainable holistic education aiming at academic excellence. Wisdom Nyabihu has now rose to a population of 385 pupils both in Nursery and primary this year 2019.
Wisdom Nyabihu is commited to the total development of student’s minds, hearts and bodies. Yet first and foremost, we work deligently to maintain a reputation for academic excellence .Our rigorous, mission centered curriculum develops intellectual and cultural competence emphasizing creative problem solving experiential learning.
Our academic program is organized around three academic divisions- Nursery section, lower primary and upper primary.The class teachers, heads of departments the school director of studies, the school head teacher and the director wisdom schools provide a strong continuum of education in a culture that supports pupils through transitions between the school sections for the new pupils who come joining us.
Our high standards deliver high out comes. Pupils in every section consistently score above the school’s set percentage pass.
When parents send their children to Wisdom Nyabihu, they have chosen to surround their children with a culture of excellence in a school that has a tradition of developing leaders of character.The expectations here are high as parents and teachers work in partnership to develop each child’s fullest potential spiritually, academically, physically, socially and morally.
Wisdom Nyabihu parents have many opportunities to be involved in their children’s education in meaning ful ways-at home at school and in Wisdom community.
The Wisdom Nyabihu parents Association (WPA) has been devoted since its founding in 2016 to strengthening the community through social, spiritual and academic support.
The school to help meet the needs of busy working parents, Wisdom offers many options for care and enrichment for children out side of the school day in before the school, after the school and while in holidays.
We wish all to keep bringing their children at our school to acquire good knowledge and skills that will make them fit in this challenging world. Prospective parents who want more information about the school can request information call: (0788478469; 0786887383; 0789548991; 0782703191)

Our Mission

Wisdom school exists to provide a sustainable holistic education geared to academic excellence and producing a balanced and God fearing individual able to meet challenges of a modern society.

Our Vision

To become a leading, trusted and innovative school in the East African Community (EAC)

Our Motto

Fearing God is knowledge that will produce strong children for a strong Rwanda. Wisdom Schools Goal

Core Values

Heroism, Commitment and Accountability.